What is an architectural lighting designer?

What Is a Lighting Designer?
A lighting designer is a qualified lighting professional who helps other design professionals make informed choices concerning light sources and luminaires, their quantity, and placement.

What Do Lighting Designers Do?
Lighting designers assimilate concepts, goals, and architectural documents. They bring their resources to a dialog with team members in clear, accessible language. They add their knowledge, experience and sensibilities. Specifications and plans are jointly issued, which turn intent into product.

What Do Lighting Designers Know?
Lighting designers are fluent with point and diffuse source output, color and rendition, lamp and fixture photometry, pricing, availability, installation, power, local and national codes, controls, lighting calculations and measurement, software and modeling, and IES recommended practices and standards.

What Is the Lighting Designer’s Scope of Work?
Lighting designers should be involved from concept, through design development, documents, approvals, and construction. If value engineering is necessary, the lighting designer should be involved in that as well.

Why Should I Consider Using a Lighting Designer?
By virtue of their experience and knowledge, lighting designers can quickly help cut through catalogs, buzzwords, sales-cant, jargon, product hype, and run-away technology to help you find the lighting method that suits your particular project.

Are Lighting Designers Expensive?
Though lighting design adds another tier to the level of professional fees, those fees are often minor in the scope of the project. Moreover, good lighting adds incalculable value, helping projects become more than the sum of their parts.

Do Lighting Designers Drive Up the Cost of Lighting?
A good lighting design employs the correct number of correct luminaires to satisfy the project within the allotted budget.

Can a Lighting Designer Save Money?
Lighting designers can help avoid costly mistakes. Computer modeling and economical mock-ups with trained eyes can help prevent lighting disasters. As project mangers, lighting designers can also monitor the bidding, ordering, delivery, and installation of equipment.

Do Lighting Designers Take Control of My Project?
Lighting designers become the watchdogs of the architectural lighting concept, securing it against misinformation, substitution, errors, overcharges, and the pressure to succumb to mediocre solutions.

Where Can I Find One?
Most major cities have a few good lighting design firms. Local lighting designers make project coordination easy, particularly for local construction. They understand their market and all of its players.

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Who We Are

Art & Science Lighting Design is a lighting design firm founded in 1994. Our clients are designers, architects, and owners. We collaborate with them to design lighting for interiors, building facades, sites, and landscape. Our portfolio is diverse, ranging from shopping malls to large residences. The common thread is light applied to make spaces habitable and appealing. Light that serves architectural intent produces work that is vivid, textured, and inviting — work that is more than the sum of its parts.

Successful lighting design is not content with boilerplate solutions. It requires assimilation of client goals, architecture, and above all, the mood that light wishes to evoke. It demands not only examination of available lamps and luminaires (or, as required, the creation of new ones), but state-of-the-art quantification and modeling. Lighting systems must be conceived with an appreciation of the design budget, power budget, maintenance issues, and a realistic view of the electrical construction process. Above all, liighting should address the human element.

Good lighting adds incalculable value. It is arguably one of the most powerful and economical tools in the enhancement of architecture and interiors. Art & Science Lighting Design delivers this tool to its clients.